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Whether you've got a Pembroke or a Cardigan, can help you honor your companion with a hand-made Corgi statue. These indoor or outdoor Corgi statues are intricately hand-painted and carved to pay tribute to the Welsh Corgi's distinctive markings and perky ears. Chip-resistant fiberglass Corgis make excellent garden decorations and can even be used to create an outdoor pet memorial that helps you celebrate the life of your best pal.

Life-sized Corgi statues made by top manufacturers such as Heinimex are lightweight and durable enough for prominent outdoor placement. Each one has been painted by hand for a unique, artistic approach that's sure to delight the most devoted Corgi fanatic. Pick from sitting and standing Corgi sculptures from our large selection. Click on each sculpture for detailed construction and shipping info.

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Corgi Statue
Life Size Sitting Corgi Dog Statue 18in H

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Corgi dog
Corgi Dog Sign 12 in H

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Corgi dog
Tri-color Corgi Dog Sign 12 in H

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Tricolor Corgi Statue
Life Size Standing Corgi Dog Statue 20in H - Tricolor

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Corgi Statue
Life Size Standing Corgi Dog Statue 20in H

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A Corgi Statue for Remembrance

The Fairy Gift Origin Legend

There is a Welsh legend which explains that the first Corgi puppies were gifts from fairies. One female and one male pup were found by children who were playing on their farm. The Welsh legend also states that Corgis were used in battle by fairies, and if one looks close enough at the shoulders of a Corgi, one can see the makings of the fairy saddles placed on the Corgi back, when the Corgi was rode into battle.

A More Acceptable Origin Theory

The Corgi is believed to be descended from the Swedish Vallhund, a Swedish cow dog breed brought with Scandinavian raiders in the 9th century to the Wales region, and a native Welsh cattle dog. This result of the two breeds was short-legged cattle herding dog.

Then in the 12th century, Flemish weavers who settled in south Wales, brought over the Spitz breed. It is believed that the short-legged cattle dog and the Spitz were bred. And the resulting breed is what we consider the Corgi today.

Corgi Statue

What?s in a Name?

One name origin theory is that the Corgi name is derived from two Welsh words, ?cor,? which means to watch over, and ?gi,? which is means dog. Another name origin theory is that the Celtic word for dog, and the Scandinavians word for dog were blended together and the result was ?corgi.? Then there is the name origin legend, which states that ?cor,? means dwarf and that ?gi,? is dog, and therefore the term ?corgi,? means ?dwarf dog.?

A Queen?s Favorite Breed

In the early 1900s Queen Elizabeth II, was presented with Dookie, a Corgi that was a gift from her father, King George VI. Since that day, Queen Elizabeth II has not been without a Corgi by her side. Queen Elizabeth II considers her Corgis to be part of the royal family. In her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 Corgis.

Corgi Statue FAQs

Susan, the Royal Corgi

On Queen Elizabeth?s 18th birthday, she was gifted with a Corgi named Susan. The Queen loved Susan so much, that Susan accompanied the Queen on her honeymoon, after she married Prince Philip in 1947. With the help of Susan, Queen Elizabeth began a royal breeding program, and Susan bred 10 generations of royal Corgis. Sadly, this year, the Queen announced an end to her Corgi legacy and breeding program.

Our selection of Corgi garden statues captures all the qualities of the beloved Corgi and serve as a timeless keepsake. Don?t hesitate, order a fiberglass or cast stone Corgi statue, today!

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