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Long-bodied with stubby legs, the Dachshund's build is one of the most distinctive among popular breeds. Honor your sweet Weiner Dog with a lifelike Dachshund statue that's designed with exacting specifications and hand-painted for a realistic look. Dog-Statues.com has Dachshund statues in many different colors, including statues with single-colored and multicolored coats, to help you find one that looks just like your dear Doxie.

Browse our selection to find high-quality Dachshund sculptures made by Intrada Italy, Campania and Henri Studio. The finest materials and most advanced carving processes ensure that each one lasts for years. We offer durable, long-lasting cast stone Dachshund statues as well as life-sized Dachshunds made from lightweight fiberglass. We also carry the beloved Hansa plush Dachshund made with a meticulously hand-cut coat here at Dog-Statues.com.

Dachshund Fine Stone Statue
Dachshund - Fine Stone Statue 16in H Classic Iron

Item #23125


Dachshund dog statue
Dachshund "Fritz" Cast Stone Dog Statue 25 in L

Item #42108



Brown Dachshund dog
Dachshund brown Sign 12 in H

Item #50155


Dachshund dog with cropped ears
Dachshund Sign 12 in H

Item #50120


Dachshund gelcoat black
Life Size Dachshund - gelcoat Black - 34in L

Item #39153



White Dachshund
Life Size Dachshund - gelcoat White - 34in L

Item #39152



Life Size Dachshund
Life Size Dachshund Statue 15.4in H

Item #49050


Black Dachshund
Life Size Dachshund- Black - 34in L

Item #39102



Brown Dachshund
Life Size Dachshund- Brown - 34in L

Item #39103



Dog Statue
Dachshund Statue Made in Italy 9.5 in H

Item #98103


Dachshund Dog Garden Statue
Dachshund - Dog Garden Statue 21in L

Item #81960


Dachshund Fine Stone Statue
Dachshund - Fine Stone Statue 16in H

Item #23124


Ceramic Dachshund Statue
Ceramic Dachshund by Intrada Italy 13in L

Item #11025


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Hansa Dachshund
Dachshund 16.6in L from Hansa

Item #68710