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Doberman Statues

Did you know that the Doberman has been used for police work, scent tracking, search and rescue, and for guiding the blind? It is true, Dobermans are very athletic and intelligent and love to have a job. With their loyal and athletic personalities, it comes as no surprise that the Doberman wins the hearts of many fans and owners.

Pick up a good-looking, well-made Doberman statue if you want to pay tribute to your loyal, happy and intelligent Doberman. Our gorgeous and versatile statues can be used to honor your Doberman pinscher. We only carry high-quality, handcrafted dog statues designed for long-term use.

Small-scale Doberman figures make the perfect gift for that special Doberman owner on your list. Explore to find extra-special Doberman gifts, figures and garden sculptures that look like your special friend.

Doberman dog with cropped ears
Doberman Cropped Ears Sign 12 in H

Item #50119


Ceramic Doberman
Doberman Sitting by Ceramiche Boxer Italy 35.4 in H

Item #12022



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Dog Statue
Doberman Pinscher Dog Statue Made in Italy 25 in H

Item #98109