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German Shepherds

Let your intelligent and loyal German Shepherd stand guard at all hours with one of our beautiful German Shepherd statues. Many of these sculptures are handcrafted and hand-painted to honor the German Shepherd's famous up-standing ears and soft tan and black coat. offers German Shepherd sculptures for indoor and outdoor placement, including styles made from fine cast stone, lightweight fiberglass, Italian ceramic and plush fabric.

We carry the popular Hansa German Shepherd, a life-sized plush German Shepherd stuffed animal that's remarkably realistic and lovable. This high-quality dog breed figure is lovingly crafted by Hansa's artisans and has a meticulously hand-cut coat for exceptional quality. We also carry outdoor German Shepherd yard statues by Massarelli's and Heinimex, which will endure when placed in any outdoor environment. Click on each sculpture for detailed construction and shipping info.

Ceramic German Shepherd
German Shepherd by Ceramiche Boxer Italy 29.5in H

Item #12017



German Shepherd
German Shepherd Sign 12 in H

Item #50124


German Shepherd Dog Statue
Life Size German Shepherd 39in H

Item #39100



Italian German Shepherd decor
German Shepherd by Ceramiche Boxer Italy 35.5in H

Item #12016



Cast Stone Dog Statue
German Shepherd Dog Cast Stone 27.75 in H

Item #42102


Cast Stone Dog Statue
Shepherd Pup Cast Stone 12.25 in H

Item #42122


Plush German Shepherd
German Shepherd 34in H from Hansa

Item #68707


German Shepherd dog Statue
German Shepherd Statue Made in Italy 23 in H

Item #98124



A German Shepherd Statue for Remembrance

The German Shepherds breed was a result of crossing many different herding breeds. The trait refining was done by Captain Max von Stephanitz, who co-founded the first German Shepherd club in the 1800s. Stephanitz, along with the help of other German breeders, continued to spend many years perfecting the traits of the German Shepherd. The breed was finalized in the late 1800s, after a stringent process to pick the best traits.

The Unpopular Term ?German?

After both World War I and World War II, all things German fell out of popularity, even the name German Shepherd. In the early 1900s the American Kennel Club (AKC), removed German from the breed name, thus changing the name to "Shepherd Dog,? and then officially, to ?Shepherd Dog Club of America.? However, today, the breed name includes German.

In many European countries, the German Shepherd breed name was also changed, but to a name that referred to the origins of the breed. "Alsatian," is what German Shepherds were named, are still called today in some areas of England, and Ireland. Alsatian references the Alsace-Lorraine territory in Germany where the breed is to have originated.

German Shepard Statue

A German Shepard?s Purpose

Although, German Shepherds were originally bred to be herding dogs, their superior traits such as:

  • Intelligence
  • Trainability
  • Obedience

Caused, German Shepherd breeders and lovers, to train the breed for use in:

  • Search and rescue
  • Military
  • Disability assistance
  • Police
  • And movies

German Shepherd FAQs

German Shepards on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

In the 1900s, the German Shepard breed became popular due to German Shephard movie stars such as Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart. Both Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart have stars on Hollywood?s Walk of Fame. The German Shepard breed was portrayed as the hero in many movies and TV shows. To date, there are hundreds of movies and shows that have brave, loyal German Shepherds as either the star or as a supporting character.

The Tale of Two Breeders

In America in the 1960s, German Shepherd breeding began with a few stud families from inside and outside America. This breeding structure created two branches of breeding traits, an American, and a German. In America the breeders may incorporate breeds of German Shepard from other countries, and in Germany the breed can only be of German origins. Today, German Shepherds from America and Germany differ in looks, movement and structure. Both have desired and undesired breeding characteristics. Although, Germans have a longer breeding history, both American and German breeds, are recognized by the AKC, provided the breed meets the AKC standards.

Our selection of German Shepherd garden statues captures all the qualities of the beloved breed, and serve as a timeless keepsake. Don?t hesitate, order a fiberglass or cast stone German Shepherd statue, today!

German Shepard Garden Statues