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Display your love for the alert, friendly and happy Papillon with one of our quality Papillon statues. hand-selects the finest quality dog breed statues for dog-lovers who want to create a memorial or tribute in or outside of their home. These handcrafted renditions take special care to perfectly recreate the Papillon's butterfly-like ears and curly tail to please the most discerning Papillon owner.

We offer the stunning plush Papillon from Hansa for those who want a fine-quality Papillon stuffed animal. Featuring Hansa's soft, hand-cut coat and a sturdy metal frame, this lifelike Papillon statue makes a wonderful gift for the Papillon owner, breeder or fanatic on your list. specializes in offering handcrafted dog gifts, garden sculptures and more items designed to celebrate man or woman's best friend.

Papillon dog
Papillon Sign 12 in H

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Plush Papillion
Papillion Dog 16in H from Hansa

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