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Prim, proper and elegant, the Poodle is traditionally one of the most fashionable and proud dog breeds. Whether you have a standard or a miniature, Dog-Statues.com has the perfect Poodle statue to help celebrate your particular pup. We offer several colors, sizes and materials so you can achieve a perfect Poodle tribute anywhere. We carry only fine-quality dog breed statues - some of which are sculpted and painted by hand - made from fine stone, ceramic and fiberglass.

Select a chip-resistant fiberglass or an elegant cast stone Poodle if you intend to place your Poodle statue outdoors. Fiberglass is best for those who want to be able to easily move the statue around, as it's significantly lighter in weight than cast stone. Pick up a stunning ceramic Poodle figure by Intrada Italy if you're looking for a highly detailed indoor Poodle statue that looks almost too real. If you aren't sure which Poodle is right for you, give us a call today at 1-888-900-2071 and we'll help.

Poodle Statue
Poodle - Dog Garden Statue 13in H

Item #81969


Ceramic Poodle
Poodle by Bravo Italy 12in H

Item #13008


Poodle Stone Statue
Poodle- Fine Stone Statue 18in H

Item #23122


Poodle Stone Statue
Poodle- Fine Stone Statue 18in H - Black

Item #23132


Poodle Stone Statue
Poodle- Fine Stone Statue 18in H Classic Sand Stone

Item #23123


Dog Statue
Black Poodle Statue made in Italy 17 in. W

Item #98121


 To place your order, please call +1-888-900-2071.
Life Size Poodle
Life Size Standard Poodle Dog Statue 36in H

Item #39111


Poodle dog statue
Life Size Standard Poodle Statue Black 36in H

Item #39160


 To place your order, please call +1-888-900-2071.
Life Size Poodle
Life Size Standard Poodle Statue Grey 36in H

Item #39161


Dog Statue
White Poodle Statue made in Italy 17 in. W

Item #98122


Doodle Plush Dog
Doodle Best Friends by Ditz Designs 34in L

Item #69107


Black Poodle dog
Black Poodle Sign 12 in H

Item #50139


Poodle dog
Poodle Sign 12 in H

Item #50140


Ceramic Poodle
Black Poodle by Bravo Italy 12in H

Item #13009


Why Add a Poodle Statues to your Outdoor Decor?

Poodles are of German descent, although they are depicted in history as having French origins. In German, the Poodle is called pudel, which translates to ?puddle,? and ?to splash about.? But what does our beloved and regal Poodle have to do with splashing around in puddles, you may be asking? Well, they were bred to be hunting dogs and used to retrieve game, such as ducks and other birds, from water.

Little Known Facts About The Poodle Hair Style

The Poodle doesn?t shed like other dogs. Their fur grows continually, and therefore requires continuous grooming. A little-known fact, is, the Poodle hairstyle serves a purpose other than winning dog show ribbons. Historically, the Poodle?s fur was trimmed to protect their vital areas but not weigh the Poodle down. Since the Poodle swam in frigid waters, too much water absorption in their fur could cause hyperthermia.

Poodle Statue - Poodle in water

The Many Jobs of the Poodle

Throughout history, the Poodle has been given other tasks besides being a show dog and used as a retriever of hunted game. The Poodle has served in such roles as:

  • A truffle dog
  • A guide dog
  • A military dog
  • A circus performer
  • And a wagon puller

It is hard to believe the beloved national dog of France was a wagon puller, or a truffle dog. But it is true, truffles were a delicacy in England, and toy Poodle was used to hunt the fungus.

Poodle Statue FAQs

The Many Sizes of the Poodle

Poodles are the only bred that come in three sizes -- standard, miniature and toy. Although, the sizes cause variation in the bred, the American Kennel Club, or AKC, see all sizes as the same bred. In the late 1980?s, there was a team of standard-sized Poodles entered into the Iditarod Dog Sled Race. Unfortunately, the Poodles didn?t fare well in the harsh wintery conditions, and a ruling was established that only dog breeds bred for sledding could be used in the future races. Sadly, this ruling ended the Poodle?s career in dog sledding.

Poodles, known for their intelligence and elegance, and are one of the most loved dog breeds. Our selection of Poodle garden statues capture all the qualities of the beloved Poodle, and serve as a timeless keepsake. Don?t hesitate, order a fiberglass or cast stone Poodle statue, today!

Poodle Garden Statues