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Sheep Dogs

Pay tribute to your playful, pastoral sheep dog with these quality sheep dog statues from Whether you've got a highly intelligent Australian Shepherd or a wooly Old English Sheepdog, this selection includes the perfect tribute for you. Constructed for quality and endurance in the outdoors, these fine statues are sure to make a splash in your garden, yard or inside your home. Brands such as Heinimex, Massarelli's and Yab Designs make hard-wearing figures for all-season use.

Pick from hand-painted fiberglass or stained cast stone sheep dog sculptures. Fiberglass is the more lightweight option and offers the convenience of portability, while cast stone is much heavier but will perform best when placed outdoors year-round. Our assortment includes Australian Shepherd statues, Old English Sheepdog statues and life-sized Welsh Sheepdog statues in varying coat colors. Visit our dog breed statues page for more specific breeds.

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Shepherd Dog
Australian Shepherd Statue 29in H

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