Shih Tzu Cast Stone Dog Statue | Dog Garden Statue

Cast Stone Dog Statue
Cast Stone Dog Statue

Shih Tzu Cast Stone Dog Statue 19.5 in W

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Cast Stone Dog Statue
Cast Stone Dog Statue


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The Shih Tzu is a companion toy dog originating from Tibet. This cast stone statue of the Shih Tzu shows off his alert look and luxurious flowing coat. This cast stone dog statue is 19.5" long and features a Greystone-colored Rococo stain. The realistic look of this Shih Tzu will blow you away making this statue a must for a treasured part of your home's decor.

  • Cast Stone with a Greystone finish
  • Dimensions 19.5"L 10.25"W 13.5"H
  • Base dimensions 19.5"x10.25"
  • Product weight: 100 lbs.
  • FREE SHIPPING in 48 contiguous US States
  • Shipping weight: 150 lbs.
  • Proudly made in USA made-in-the-us-flag.jpg
Founded in 1983, Campania is a premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of fine garden statues. Campania's Cast stone dog collection is designed and manufactured at their facility in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Campania employs a talented group of artists to create original copyrighted designs that blend classic old world traditions with a uniquely American sensibility. Each member of Campania's design team is characterized by an abiding passion for their craft and the creative process. Campania inspects every customer shipment and every product. Campania prides itself in making sure that the customer is satisfied with every shipment.

All cast stone statuary should be raised up off the ground in winter so they will not freeze to the ground surface. Items that have areas that pool water should be wrapped with burlap or any absorbent material and then wrapped with dark plastic, making sure that water does not accumulate and freeze.

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