Lost Wax Casting Process | Saint Francis Garden


Lost Wax Casting Process for Brass Sculptures

Our sculptures from Brass Baron are made in the ancient cire perdue or lost wax method. Artistic and labor instensive, this process builds ultimate value into every creation.

No simple reproduction, lost wax casting is a meticulous evolution. A mold is first created from an original sculpture. A casting is poured in wax, and the wax impression is removed and refined. Once encased, inside and out, in a clay mold, the wax impression is kiln-fired. The wax melts out, and is lost. The resulting void is then filled with molten brass. Once hardened, the brass casting is removed from the mold. It is buffed, polished and patinized to give the piece its finished verdigris or bronze appearance.

The handcrafted nature of Brass Baron's elegant creations builds subtle variations in color, finish, size and shape into each piece. Making every sculpture ultimately unique.